Here's who we reccommened


Please let them know if you got the referral from our website!

Mortgages & HELOC

For easy and fast mortgages, especially if you're self employed, we call Taylor Robbins at Citizens Bank of Cape Vincent. 

For HELOC & Home Equity Loans, we call Pam Waterman at Carthage Savings & Loan.


We work with many realtors.  Here is a list of realtors who we work with most often.

Amy Kenney 

Lorie O'Brien

Jeanie Powell


Chandler Auto Sales (315) 699-5743 Roseanne or Roger

Chaumont Hardware (315) 649-2959

Dental Insurance  Mary Lee Burmaster (315) 654-4525

Flooring  Wayne Gaige (315) 430-8466

Interior House Painting  Matt Fisk (315) 405-6536

North Country Storage Barns  Steven Yankovski (315) 387-2092

Rock Drilling & Trenching -Syracuse Utilities Jamie Cornell

Tax Preparation  Walrath Taxes Mike Walrath

Water Delivery Rob LaMarche  (315) 486-6330